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Daily Encounters: Photographs from Fleet Street

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

A MAJOR exhibition celebrating British press photography during the Fleet Street years 1900-1982, Daily Encounters: Photographs from Fleet Street, runs from July 5 to October 21, 2007, at the National Portrait Gallery.

Drawing upon the rich surviving archives of newspaper photography, the exhibition focuses on two parallel stories, one of a powerful industry with an internal culture of its own, and the other of the often uneasy relationship that grew between public figures, the photographic press and the wider population of readers.

Daily Encounters features over eighty images that evocatively recall some of the most memorable events in recent British history – the arrest of Emmeline Pankhurst outside Buckingham Palace, the abdication of King Edward VIII, the scandal of the Profumo Affair and the energy of the Sex Pistols.

Spanning over eighty years, the exhibition presents photographs of the famous and infamous, politicians, film stars, royalty as well as the media barons who were part of, and made, our daily news. More than that they helped to illuminate and redefine the public’s relationship with the previously remote world of the most famous and powerful forever.

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A book, Daily Encounters: Photographs from Fleet Street with over 60 illustrations, will accompany the exhibition.