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Dali and Film - Tate Modern (preview)

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

AN EXHIBITION of work by one the twentieth century’s most famous and notorious artists Salvador Dali, Dali and Film, runs from June 1 to September 9, 2007 at Tate Modern.

Throughout his career, film was one of Dali’s major passions and Dali and Film, which brings together more than 100 of his works (major paintings, photographs, drawings and films) explores the central role of cinema in his art, not only as an inspiration but also as an outlet for experimentation.

Visitors will, therefore, be able to see works displaying Dali’s collaboration with legendary film makers such as Walt Disney, Alfred Hitchcock, the Marx Brothers and Luis Buñuel. Included is one of his early collaborative projects with Buñuel which features the infamous image of an eye being cut by a razor.

Dali who, in his early years, loved the bizarre slapstick humour of Hollywood comedians such as Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, used “cinematic vision” as a model for his own work. Thus Dali and Film presents Dali as he’s never been seen before.

Times: Sunday to Thursday, 10am to 6pm; Friday and Saturday, 10am to 10pm. Last admission 5.15pm Friday and 9.15pm Saturday.

Tickets: £11 (concessions available). Free for Tate Members.

For more information call 020 7887 8888 or visit the website.