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Danielle Arnaud - January to July 2011

Paul Ryan Sketchbooks  2010

Exhibition preview

DANIELLE Arnaud has announced its programme from January to July 2011 and it includes:

Manual Setting, a series of performances where artists sit with visitors and together they leaf through their sketchbooks – January 28 and February 2, 5, 6, 8 and 11.

The viewing of an artwork becomes a hand-held, shared and performative activity. Who is revealed during this process of showing and being shown? An enquiry is made concerning intimacy and the border between personal and private.

Times: from 2 to 5pm and 6 to 9pm.

Condensation, featuring work by Annie Attridge, Jonathan Baldock, Sarah Gillham, Anthea Hamilton, Eri Itoi, Mindy Lee and Paul Westcombe – February 25 to March 27.

Conceived like a museum of curios, this exhibition invites the viewers to navigate the complex mechanics of seduction. This isn’t just beauty’s privilege. The abject, the kitsch and the mundane are all potential triggers for desire; the further one gets from a canonical idea of pulchritude, the wilder the attraction can become.

Annie Whiles Bob  2010 embroidery

Annie Whiles – April 8 to May 15.

Annie Whiles will be bringing together woodcarving and embroidery in her solo show. The work negotiates an embedded history of an ecclesiastic language and a personal mythology that references iconic biblical imagery. Whiles restages encounters that threaten to unravel a day to day agnostic rationale.

These works have developed almost as ‘test cards’ (the static imagery offered in between television programming in the seventies). The starting point for this collection of work is a drawing that Whiles made ten years ago, after thinking she saw a donkey smile at her on Blackheath common.

Tessa Farmer – May 20 to June 26.

“Tessa’s miniscule sculptures reinvigorate a belief in fairies: not the sweet Tinkerbell image in popular conscience, but a biological, entomological, macabre species translating pastoral fable into nightmarish lore. Constructed from bits of organic material, such as roots, leaves, and dead insects, each of Tessa’s figures stand barely 1cm tall, their painstakingly intricate detail visible only through a magnifying glass…” Patricia Ellis, 2007.

This will be Tessa Farmer’s first solo show in the gallery for which she will present a new series of works.

Marius Pfannenstiel Sperrkreuz bronze

The War Rooms: A Contemporary Exhibition, includes works by John Allman, Fran Burden, William English, Barry Kemp, Oona Grimes, Tony Grisoni, Tony Hayward, Christian Israel, Marius Pfannenstiel, Kevin Roe, Gerry Smith and Walter Swennen – July 1 to July 31.

“‘PICTORIAL WAR’ shouted Gregory Corso in his poem Uccello. ‘MY SUBJECT IS WAR’ stares up at you from the floor of Poets’ Corner at Westminster Abbey. ‘YOUR WEAPONS ARE GIVEN YOU TO KILL THE ENEMY’ is printed on the first page of my farther’s Rifle Practice Book. War is with us every, every day. An exhibition about war was not my idea, it was a friend’s, but ‘YES’ artists should have a look at WAR. “ Gerry Smith, 2010.