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Diamond Geezer - WW Gallery

Cathy Lomax, 'A Taste of Honey', 2008, acrylic on paper, 152x122cm.

Exhibition preview

IN COMMEMORATION of the Jubilee year, the WW Gallery are presenting Diamond Geezer, a group show of works responding to the imagery and iconography of the Queen throughout her reign.

Curated by Debra Wilson and Chiara Williams, it will be on display from May 16 to June 9, 2012.

The exhibition explores the ‘guilty pleasures’ of Jubilee celebrations: street parties, memorabilia, and all the joys of revelling in the high-camp of that very British of institutions, the monarchy.

The works in the exhibition are kinds of souvenirs: pieces of jewellery, posters and prints, busts and portraits, which appear to be cashing-in on Jubilee-fever, and yet do so with more than a hint of playful cheek.

While the work is sometimes provocative with a familiar post-punk irony, the exhibition’s true interest lies in the paradox of our national ambivalence.

Exploring how one can be politically opposed to the idea of the monarchy and yet nostalgically enamoured with everything the spectre of Royalty conjures up in our popular consciousness, Diamond Geezer celebrates our freedom to laud and loathe our sovereign as we so choose.

Participating artists are Cathy Lomax, Jasper Joffe, Alex Michon, Dick Jewell, Sadie Hennessy, Boa Swindler, Siobhan Barr, Imogen Welch, Paul Kindersley, Enzo Marra, Deb Covell, Lisa Muten, Alli Sharma, Matt Day, Sardine and Tobleroni, Wendy Elia, Kate Murdoch and Chiara Williams.

Times: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 11am to 6pm, Saturday from 11am to 4pm during exhibitions only. Other days open by appointment only.

WW Gallery, 34/35 Hatton Garden, London, EC1N 8DX