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Diamonds: Take a Fresh Look - Lesley Craze Gallery

Exhibition preview

AN EXHIBITION entitled Diamonds: Take a Fresh Look will be on display at the Lesley Craze Gallery from October 18 to November 3, 2012.

For centuries, the purity and magnificence of diamonds has captured the worlds imagination – revered by royalty, celebrated by Hollywood and treasured all over the world – this exhibition asks us to consider the alluring hold diamonds have over us.

Many of the pieces will provoke surprise and discussion about the role of one of the worlds most coveted gems: Diamonds.

As well as a special installation by David Roux Fouillet, there will be pieces by Catherine Mannheim, Daphne Krinos, Elaine Cox, Emmeline Hastings, Frances Wadsworth-Jones, Jacqueline Cullen, Jane Adam, Jane Macintosh…

… Jo Hayes-Ward, Joel Degen, Joseph Koppman, Karen-Ann Dicken, Maria Militsi, Marta Mattsson, Maud Trone, Michael Berger, Myia Bonner, Niklas Evje, Nina Bukvic, Ruth Tomlinson and Wendy Ramshaw CBE RDI.

Lesley Craze Gallery, 33 – 35a Clerkenwell Green, London, EC1R 0DU