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Dilip Sur: Recent Works - Grosvenor Gallery

Janma! 2012. Acrylic, oil and pigments on canvas. 120 x 150 cm/47 ¼ x 59 in.

Exhibition preview

GROSVENOR Gallery is presenting an exhibition of recent works by Dilip Sur, his second solo show at the venue – from March 6 to March 22, 2013.

Dilip Sur was born in West Bengal, India in 1960 and is a trained painter and a sculptor who now teaches at the Royal College of Art, London.

His earlier works had a narrative quality where he depicted certain myths, legends and folk stories. The surface was dominated by the imagery painted in strong colour contrasts.

His violent colour structures have softened in recent time where the sharp-edged contours give way to areas of saturated colour. His expressionistic paintings create a sense of melancholy. There are images emerging from the splashes of blacks and browns.

Effectively, the paintings constitute a powerful psychological engagement, one that also serves as a document of the passage of time in modern India as presented in the international art scene.

His paintings capture a psychological state of human beings and the constant flux they undergo or the reverie the human mind is absorbed in. Sur’s recent work employs a literal vastness in the way space is unfolded and then released to extend meaning.

The selection of the hue spells out the precision of the artist in representing a vast phenomenon within a restrained language. Definitely, his works are oscillating between an expressionist urgency and the abstractionist verve.

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