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Eilis O'Connell exhibition at Canary Wharf

Work by Eilís O’Connell

Exhibition preview

CRITICALLY-acclaimed Irish sculptor Eilís O’Connell has unveiled her latest solo exhibition in the lobby of One Canada Square and nearby Jubilee Park, and it continues until May 24, 2013.

Demonstrating her skilful use of varying materials – from steel and bronze to plastics and natural, found objects – O’Connell’s sculptures show her meticulous attention to surface detail and close observation of the world around her.

In a career spanning over 30 years, O’Connell has been commissioned to make significant works in the public domain across the UK and Ireland.

Visitors can enjoy a tour of the exhibition on Tuesday, April 30 (1.15pm), when curator Ann Elliott tours the exhibition with Eilís O’Connell. Tickets are free, but please e-mail to reserve a place.

Living and working in rural Ireland not far from Cork, O’Connell is surrounded by beautiful and extensive views of a countryside that yields objects, contours and atmosphere, which are reflected in her sculpture both materially and subliminally.

From the curve of a hillside to a sheep’s skull found when out walking, most of O’Connell’s visual experiences and the materials that she gathers around her feed into her work.

The skull, preserved forever in clear resin, joins others found or given objects that she has treated in the same way, including a vulture’s feather, coral and a whale bone bleached by the sun. O’Connell’s work allows us all to scrutinise their details and transient beauty now captured for all time.

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