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Elmo Hood: Down the Rabbit Hole - Westbank Gallery

Exhibition preview

ELMO Hood’s solo show, Down the Rabbit Hole, will be on display at Westbank Gallery from November 10 to November 24, 2016.

Taking his inspiration from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and his long-standing fascination with playing cards, Down the Rabbit Hole, Elmo Hood’s latest solo exhibition – his largest to date – centres around rich and intricate compositions of Kings, Queens, Jokers, Madmen and the odd Rabbit..

Moving gradually away from the urban pop art style he was originally associated with, Elmo Hood’s new body of work consist of large gilding and oil paintings, created using a mix of brushes and pallet knives, which give his work a uniquely rich texture and 3-D effect.

Also featuring in the show – and for the first time in a UK exhibition – will be a series of Elmo Hood’s world-famous Playing Cardscollages which he creates by cleverly cutting, burning and/or drawing over traditional playing cards to depict images of love, heartbreak, hope and betrayal.

To coincide with the exhibition, Hood will also launch his latest collaboration with luxury leather brand OMCSU, featuring men and women’s jackets painted with unique designs inspired by the show.

Originally from Southampton, Elmo Hood is one of the most exciting young artists currently working in London. Specialising in portraiture, Hood’s unique and colourful style combines spray paint, acrylic, oil paint and gilding. His famous playing card collages gained him millions of fans and a vast celebrity following around the world.

Elmo Hood has exhibited in London, Paris, Munich and New York and recently had his work auctioned off at the Houses of Parliament.

Westbank Gallery, 3-5 Thorpe Close, London, W10 5XL