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Family Sundays - Serpentine Gallery

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

FREE creative activities for families take place at the Serpentine Gallery every Sunday throughout the summer, inspired by the Richard Prince: Continuation exhibition, the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2008 designed by Frank Gehry, and the acclaimed Chinese artist Cao Fei’s installation, RMB City.

Artists and architects work with families to create exciting structures and new artworks in and around the Serpentine Gallery.

Found Photograph Experiments – July 20.

Inspired by Richard Prince’s early appropriation artworks, visitors can experiment with re-photographing found photographs to create new meanings and messages.

Imaginary Architecture – July 27.

Visitors can create a new imaginary world using model and film making, inspired by the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion by Frank Gehry and Cao Fei’s RMB City.

Dream Designs – August 3.

Visitors can invent moving buildings inspired by the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion by Frank Gehry and its surroundings in Kensington Gardens.

Muddled Functions and Furniture – August 10.

Visitors can explore Richard Prince: Continuation, the Frank Gehry Pavilion and Kensington Gardens to create unusual objects and surprising spaces and places.

Joke Shop Jumble – August 17.

Inspired by Richard Prince: Continuation, visitors can explore jokes, language, meaning and collecting.

Cartoon Constructions – August 24.

Here, visitors can combine inspiration from Richard Prince: Continuation and the Frank Gehry Pavilion to create new structures and comic characters. In collaboration with the Royal Parks.

Times: 12 to 5pm.

Richard Prince – Artist’s Colouring Book for Children

3rd Place is an artist’s colouring book for children by Richard Prince, specially commissioned by the Serpentine Gallery and Koenig Books to accompany Richard Prince: Continuation. The book is a selection of drawings from Prince’s Hippie Drawings series, chosen to create a unique introduction to the artist’s work for young people.

All events are free and take place in and around the Serpentine Gallery. All ages are welcome although children must be accompanied by an adult. Booking is not required.

Serpentine Gallery Summer 2008

Richard Prince: Continuation – until September 7, 2008.

Serpentine Gallery Pavilion by Frank Gehry – from July 20 to October 19, 2008.

Cao Fei: RMB City – from July 26, 2008.

Serpentine Gallery, Kensington Gardens, London, W2 3XA.