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From Around the World by Kevin Cummins


Exhibition preview

PAUL Stolper Gallery in London is pleased to offer 100 prints, each for £100 + VAT by Kevin Cummins, exclusively at Multiplied 2014: Contemporary Art in Editions Fair, (October 17 – 20).

Manchester born Kevin Cummins has an international reputation as one of the world’s leading photographers.

His iconic portraits of rock musicians as diverse as Joy Division, The Smiths, Manic Street Preachers, Courtney Love and David Bowie have graced magazine covers and galleries the world over and are included in the collection of The National Portrait Gallery and The V&A amongst others.

Cummins career has seen him travel across the globe and the images in this collection are a selection of photographs taken from around the world over the last five years, from Venice to Muscat, Paris to LA. Speaking about the genesis of this collection, Cummins comments:

“Working with musicians is 5% work and 95% hanging around waiting for them to turn up. They tend to be nocturnal creatures, which gives me a lot of free time during the day. Early in my career, I’d diligently sit around awaiting their impending arrival – which proved to be immensely frustrating.

“Once I realised that most musicians think there’s only one 10 o’clock in the day, I started filling my time by wandering the streets of whichever city we were in, taking photos for pleasure. You could say that this set of 100 prints has only been made possible due to the ‘laziness’ of others.”

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