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Game On - Science Museum (Preview)

Game On

Preview by Jack Foley

GAMING enthusiasts are urged to head to London’s Science Museum for current exhibition, Game On (from November 14 to February 25, 2007).

From the PDP-1 of the 1960s to the latest must-have consoles, the exhibition examines the technologies that have revolutionised the gaming world.

It also features the 10 most influential consoles of all time plus more than 100 playable games, enabling visitors to be transported back in time to play some of the defining games of the last 40 years and reminisce over the classic games of their childhood.

Younger gamers will be introduced to the history of current gaming software and hardware and can get their hands on the now retro games that their parents played in their youth.

Among the games available to play are the world’s very first manufactured arcade game – Computer Space from 1971 – plus classics like Pong, Asteroids, Space Invaders and Pac-Man. Game On will also look at the science behind gaming and it’s cultural influences.

In addition, the exhibition also illustrates how content and technology need each other to move forward successfully and the different influences that Europe, North America and Japan have had on gaming and game design.

Further sections explore different families of games, such as platform, shoot ‘em ups and racing games; the way games are manufactured and marketed; the use of music and sound in the gaming experience and the relationship between cinema and gaming including the impact of film genres such as anime.

Furthermore the exhibition will debate the positive and negative effects of games on our world today; from the value of computer games as training tools to the influence of gaming on society and health.

With so many games to play and so much to explore and discover about the gaming world this is the ultimate day out for visitors and gamers of all ages.

This exhibition is sponsored by Nintendo and organised and toured by Barbican Art Gallery, London.

Please note that all playable games within the gallery carry an age suitability recommendation. These will be clearly displayed.

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