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High-abstract - Poussin Gallery

Alan Davie Patrick's Delight, 1960 oil on canvas, 213 x 366 cm

Exhibition preview

HIGH-abstract, an exhibition of high-ambition, high-complexity abstract painting and sculpture from 1960–2010, will be on display at the Poussin Gallery from February 11 to March 12, 2011.

The exhibition will feature key works by artists Alan Davie, John Hoyland, Fred Pollock, Alan Gouk, Anne Smart and Robin Greenwood. A catalogue will be available with essays by Mel Gooding, Robin Greenwood and Sam Cornish.

The exhibition is sponsored by abstract critical, a new organisation which will act as an advocate of today’s most ambitious expressions of abstract painting and sculpture.

Abstract critical will be launched at the London Art Fair 2011.

Times: Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 6pm.

Poussin Gallery, Block K, 13 Bell Yard Mews, 175 Bermondsey Street, London, SE1

Tel: 020 7403 4444