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Immodesty Blaize announces The Venus Tour (2012)

Immodesty Blaize

Preview by Jack Foley

IMMODESTY Blaize, Europe’s queen of burlesque, is set to embark on her new UK and Europe tour throughout November and December 2012.

The show will boast a fresh format including new and original music and acts from Immodesty and her cast.

The UK leg of the tour includes historic venues such as Manchester Opera House, Edinburgh’s Queen’s Hall, and London’s own Koko which was the scene of several glittering sold out runs of Immodesty’s previous show, The Tease Show.

The initial UK dates are (all December 2012)…

2 – Opera House, Manchester, UK
7 – Queens Hall, Edinburgh, UK
9 – Koko, London, UK

Immodesty Blaize is unanimously credited with spearheading the return of Burlesque to mainstream Europe.

She is Europe’s leading burlesque star and trailblazer – continually breaking through barriers for the genre of burlesque, as well as evolving her own art with each show.

The Venus Tour encompasses a range of representations of femininity, through Immodesty’s influences from cinema, art, fashion, music and dance.

Lines are blurred between creative genres, and divides between the pop and the classical are parodied.

The Venus Tour is described as a stunning visual feast of dance, couture, and striptease to a dramatic soundscape, all wrapped up in Immodesty’s trademark extravagant style with a truckload of diamonds and chiffon…. and a mighty tongue in cheek.

“I want people to escape into another world for an hour and a half, somewhere camp and glamorous or heavy breathing, dark and dramatic,” she explains.

“Most importantly I want them to feel entertained. I enjoy creating new show formats and trying fresh creative directions, it’s important to go the extra mile to evolve things, and give the audience a fabulous night they won’t forget.”