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In the Absence of Colour - Strychnin Gallery

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

A GROUP show featuring black and white works by over 16 international artists, In the Absence of Colour, runs at the Strychnin Gallery from May 9 to June 9, 2008.

Artists include Tim Roosen, Mimi S., Lisa Mei Ling Fong, Suzzan B., Richard Kirk, Dan Hillier, Raf Veulemans, Miraschi, Ansgar Noeth, Alexander Sterzel, Sven Hoffman, Lori Field, Claudia Drake, Daniel van Nes, Adele Mildred, Marc Janssens plus guests!

Do you know if you dream in colour? Or remember when all films and television were black and white? Possibly not. You might, however, remember when most computer screens were black and white, and there are still a few newspapers printed without colour images. But it’s becoming increasingly rare, so is black and white visual representation a dying art?

Looking at the photography market, where a considerable number of black and white films and papers have become hard to get or are no longer available, it’s easy to become nostalgic for a time lost. Black and white, therefore, goes back to the beginning.

Strychnin gallery asked over 16 artists to get into the spirit and create new works under the heading ‘The Black and White Show’, since changed to In the Absence of Colour. By restricting themselves to what is also called monochrome, greyscale or – if even shades of grey are absent – binary imagery, the aim of the show is to shift the attention upon the works, yet also onto our perception of colour – or lack thereof.

As a result, the display includes sculptures, drawings, photographs, paintings and mixed media works adhering to this guideline – as well as some that don’t. For every now and then, there will be an outburst of colour that makes the work all the more striking.

Times: Friday to Sunday – 12 to 6pm and by appointment.

Strychnin Gallery London, 65 Hanbury Street, London, E1 5JP.

Telephone: +44 207 247 5666.