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Jack the Ripper and the East End

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

IF YOU’RE intrigued by Jack the Ripper you have until November 2, 2008, to visit the Museum in Docklands where Jack the Ripper and the East End, the first exhibition to explore the Jack the Ripper murders and their enduring legacy, is currently on display.

From police files and photographs to letters from the public and the supposed Ripper himself, you can examine surviving documents and artefacts from the investigation and follow the crimes as they unfolded – all for the first time.

Step back in time to the labyrinth of late-Victorian Whitechapel, and uncover the human stories behind the sensational reports and explore the lives of the victims, witnesses, suspects and police, as well as the world they lived in.

Although no one knows his identity, Jack the Ripper is probably the capital’s most infamous son, his story passing into legend and shaping the way London and the East End are imagined. Full of objects attesting to the never-ending public appetite for this story, the exhibition asks why the tale of the Whitechapel murders continues to resonate 120 years on and why this one unknown figure has become so iconic, and so much a part of London.

Admission times: 10.15am – 12.15pm; 12.45pm – 14.45pm; 15.15pm – 16.45pm.

NB: The exhibition is not recommended for children under 12.

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