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Jeremy May: Dialogue - Lesley Craze Gallery

Jewellery by Jeremy May

Exhibition preview

DIALOGUE, an exhibition of jewellery by Jeremy May, will be on display at the Lesley Craze Gallery from February 4 to February 26, 2011.

Jeremy May creates bold and beautiful jewellery pieces by recycling vintage secondhand books. The pieces are made by laminating hundreds of sheets of paper together, then carefully finishing to a high gloss.

The paper is selected and carefully removed from a book, and the jewellery re-inserted in the excavated space.

The pieces presented in this exhibition are a representation of the artist’s exploration of an on-going dialogue between literature and the physicality of each jewel.

This dialogue jumps out of the book and starts to have a life of its own, claiming its space back within the book. Gradually each piece develops an ambition of scale, and seeks to start a dialogue as a separate form of art and expression.

Professionally trained as a Landscape Architect, Jeremy May has worked for over ten years generating ideas and bringing flair and creativity to the use of space. Working in this design-led profession has allowed him to hone skills in making a sensual and physical connection to the user/wearer – an ability essential in jewellery design.

May challenges existing perceptions about the status of paper as a sensitive and ephemeral material. His intention is to transform paper and bring joy to sustainably minded individuals. For May, re-cycling is a process of re-incarnation and re-appropriation: giving new life to printed material, card and books that have been discarded by their previous owner.

No two pieces are alike, nor do they express a singular aesthetic: each new work is a fresh exploration of form inspired by a special connection to notions of memory and remembrance/emotion/sensuality. Not only is May inspired to make wearable pieces, he also wants to create stand alone objects.

The result is an exquisite range of collectable jewellery pieces that combine modern simplicity with traditional craft and sensitivity. May’s creativity and innovation transforms each piece into a true coalescence of thought, word and deed. As such, his work is not just recycling resources but offering the art form a new level of emotional sophistication.

Led by both material and making process, the paper used is given a form, colour and shape that represent the context and meaning of the book they are taken from as translated by May. The written text is visualised as coloured images and forms that re-appear in the work as objects of beauty, looking out for a new owner to cherish them as precious jewels.

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