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Jerwood Contemporary Painters Exhibition

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

FOLLOWING the success of last year’s curated show, the Jerwood Charitable Foundation has announced the artists selected for the second Jerwood Contemporary Painters Exhibition which will be on display at the Jerwood Space from April 9 to May 18, 2008.

The exhibition offers an exciting opportunity to emerging artists who are at a particular stage in their development, those falling between student and recognised artist status.

The twenty selected for the 2008 exhibition are Johan Andersson, Varda Caivano, Gordon Cheung, Ross Chisholm, Simon Collins, Tom Crawford, Matthew Draper, Elinor Evans, Andrew Griffiths, Nadia Hebson, Gunther Herbst, Sally Kindberg, Sophie Lascelles, Andrea MedjesiJones, Yuko Nasu, Alicia Paz, Michael Samuels, Chris Smith, Caroline Walker and James Wright.

Each artist exhibits one work and receives £1,500, not as a ‘prize’ but as a participation fee. This fee is unusual for any group show as it rewards all the artists in the exhibition. It is alo an important part of nurturing serious support for artists at this crucial point in their careers.

The selection panel of Stephen Farthing (chair), Anita Taylor and Jason Brooks invited a long list of artists to submit works. From this, they selected the 20 artists taking part in this year’s exhibition. This is a departure from the format established in the first exhibition when 30 artists were selected, the judges deeming that 20 works formed a tighter, more cohesive show.

As Stephen Farthing explained: “We didn’t count, we simply chose the very best works, while paying attention to both their individual merits and ability to sit and make sense as a group. As it happens we ended up with twenty which was fewer than expected, but that’s where our method took us and that’s where we were happy to rest.

“What is so good about being offered the privilege of selecting emergent artists for exhibitions and prizes is the opportunity it provides the judges to “catch up” with what is new. Clearly it is important for both the audience and the judges to take a structured look from time to time at the changes that are taking place in that wonderfully traditional activity called Painting. This exhibition we hope does just that.”

And Roanne Dods, Director of the Jerwood Charitable Foundation, added: “The selectors were rigorous in the collation of work that they saw and in the final judgments that they made. The result is a group of very strong work and range of artists that contribute to an enriched debate about practice and interests among a special group of emerging artists. It will be very exciting to see the exhibition come together.”

Jerwood Contemporary Painters was launched at Frieze Art Fair 2006 as part of the Jerwood Visual Art Series, which encompasses painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, moving image and applied arts. Each award or exhibition within the series is concerned with defining a given discipline within the larger context of the visual arts.

Admission: Free.

Times: Monday to Friday – 10am to 5pm; Saturday and Sunday – 10am to 3pm.

Jerwood Space, 171 Union Street, London, SE1 0LN (Nearest tube – Southwark).

For more information call 020 7654 0171 or visit the website.