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Just Desserts: Silver for a Perfect Summer Pudding

Just Desserts

Event preview

JUST Desserts: Silver for a Perfect Summer Pudding, the 2011 summer selling exhibition at The London Silver Vaults, runs from June 4 to September 30.

The exhibition features ‘delicious’ ideas for lovers of fine dining. Whether it’s sumptuous summer pudding or simple fruit, sorbet or jelly, the best desserts deserve the prettiest means of serving.

Silver tableware, of all periods from the 16th century to the contemporary, offers a splendid and wonderful variety of serving dishes, cutlery, wine jugs and goblets. And, of course, any item of silver will add a stylish flourish to a meal’s finale – the dessert.

The exhibition presents a deliciously tempting array of silver for sale, from a C16th silver seal-top spoon to a set of twelve 1960s Stuart Devlin silver and gilt sorbet cups.

Included will be dessert cutlery sets with pretty mother of pearl handles, liqueur glasses and decanters, classic gilded berry spoons for serving up fruit salads, grape dishes, ice cream spoons, bon-bon and petit fours dishes.

The market price for silver has risen more than 150% in the past year and only recently reached a high of £27.80/oz ($46.25/oz) and there is talk of international speculators taking advantage of this metal.

This rising silver market has in turn had an impact on newly-made silver items, which have increased in price accordingly.

Antique silver, on the other hand, currently offers extremely good value for money, as you can buy many antique or vintage items at less than the price per ounce on the trading markets. However, this situation may soon change if silver continues its rapid rise on the markets.

Of course it currently presents an ideal opportunity to take a new look at collecting antique silver both for its intrinsic quality and beauty, enhanced by the prospect of rising values over time.

With more than 30 specialist shops, The London Silver Vaults is the home of silver shopping, and offers the largest collection of antique English silver for sale in the world.

The London Silver Vaults, Corner of Chancery Lane & Southampton Buildings, London, WC1