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Lazarides Gallery - two exhibitions for October

Work by Stuart Semple

Exhibition preview

LAZARIDES Gallery has two exhibitions lined up for October 2013.

Brutal, a group exhibition at 180 The Strand – October 15 to October 27.

Brutal will showcase art that is brutal either in subject or execution, and will incorporate installation, sculpture, performance and film from over 20 artists.

They include Anthony Micallef, Brad Downey, Bill McRight, Cleon Peterson, DALeast, Doug Foster, Estevan Oriol, Karim Zeriahen, Know Hope, Lucy McLauchlan, Mark Jenkins, Pose, Revok, Todd James and Vhils.

The exhibition will typify the kind of experience people have come to expect from the Lazarides October show, creating an environment strictly for the brave and forward thinking.

Stuart Semple: Suspend Disbelief – October 16 to October 20.

Stuart Semple returns to London with a ground-breaking exhibition featuring a new body of work including paintings, sculptures and installations. The exhibition will encourage visitors to explore the suspensions of disbelief customary in works of fiction, but also those inherent in our everyday existence.

Artworks including Happycloud Room, an installation of floating smiling faces, Bloom, a projection of over 7,000 flowers and Bounce, a giant bouncy castle, will create a unique experience for each visitor.

Speaking about the exhibition, Stuart Semple said:

“Suspension of disbelief doesn’t stop at entertainment. It extends to our whole lives, especially in the West. I think we’ve suspended disbelief in the fact that we’re all dying. That’s universal. We’re all mortal, but it’s not a bad thing. Only by acknowledging the inevitability of death are we able to truly live.”