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The truth behind Leonardo da Vinci's works

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

A NEW exhibition entitled Leonardo da Vinci: Experience, Experiment and Design, will run from September 14, 2006 to January 7, 2007, at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum.

Leonardo da Vinci is, arguably, the greatest artist and thinker of all time. This exhibition will illuminate the most fundamental aspect of Leonardo’s work: how his mind was able to visualise his incredible theories.

Innovative film animations will graphically depict and inform the precious pages and small notebooks in which Leonardo da Vinci detailed his observations and theories, his mighty inventions and his extraordinary visions of the earth in age-old transformation.

Large models, most notably a flying machine, tank and a giant crossbow, will also be displayed to illustrate and explain his inventions.

Little-known treasures, such as the V&A’s Forster Codices – three of Leonardo da Vinci’s small notebooks detailing studies on geometry, weights and hydraulic machines, will also be on display.

This exhibition is part of Universal Leonardo, an innovative project conceived by the curator of this exhibition, Professor Martin Kemp, to broaden our understanding and appreciation of the diversity of Leonardo da Vinci’s work in art, science and technology.

A series of linked exhibitions and scientific investigations will take place across Europe during Summer 2006.

The exhibition is a collaboration with Universal Leonardo, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, University of the Arts, London.

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