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London’s Real-Life Monopoly Experience and Beyond


Feature by Jack Foley

THROUGHOUT the last few years, the number of film, theatre and video game crossovers of traditional board games has reached new heights. In line with this ever-growing trend, 2020 is set to see Monopoly, the property trading game, take to the stage in London.

As a result of the recent announcement that the 1935 creation will evolve into a stage production in the coming months, we’re going to look at what viewers can expect from the real-life monopoly experience. We’ll also analyse how the traditional board game has been adapted to multiple different mediums across a range of diverse spin-offs in recent times.

The 2020 Sellador Monopoly Production

The real-life experience that is set to heighten the immersive nature of the traditional property game is the first show to be announced under a newly formed partnership between Sellador Worldwide, an award-winning production company, and Hasbro Inc, a global toy and board game company.

While the upcoming theatre adaptation of Monopoly is going to be the first major crossover between the two companies, the collaboration has also come to fruition with the intention of producing further theatre works of other board games.

Currently, many of the theatre production's intricate details are being kept under wraps to ensure an element of secrecy around some of the crossover’s on-stage segments. However, one essential piece of information has been made available, and that concerns how long the real-life experience will last. While a traditional game of Monopoly can last for hours or, in some cases, days, the Sellador and Hasbro adaption will have a duration of approximately 75 minutes.

Within that time, the live-action version of the board game will integrate several different activities and challenges which will see teams compete to move around the board and purchase properties.

At present, the exact location where the very first immersive Monopoly experience will be available is yet to be officially announced. This is similar to previous major theatre productions. Upon their adaptations to the stage, both The Great Gatsby and The Wolf of Wall Street premiered at a secret venue within England’s capital city.

How Has the Traditional Board Game Evolved to This Point?

According to David Hutchinson, the chief executive of Sellador Worldwide, the theatre adaptation of board game has come to fruition as a result of the changing desires and expectations of modern-day theatregoers. Unlike in previous eras, there is a growing belief that the new generation of viewers wish to experience stage productions in a different light.

While the theatre adaptation is seeking to take the traditional board game into a completely new industry, the last year has resulted in the creation of many diverse spin-offs of the 1930s development. Staying true to its roots, Hasbro Inc has produced a range of new Monopoly board games including the 2019 Fortnite edition which was inspired by the video game’s immense success.

Moreover, the previous year has also seen the company modernise the title and step away from its paper-dominated format. The Voice Banking edition of the game demonstrates the evolution of the franchise as it seeks to meet the evolving demands of modern-day players by focusing more heavily on technology to ensure heightened immersion.

In addition to the above board game editions and theatre adaptations, Monopoly has found success throughout 2019 in other diverse markets. For example, several online casinos offer themed slots, including a Monopoly Money Slot, which includes some of the game’s original features like free parking.

Fans can even get Monopoly-inspired house keyrings and cufflinks. Moreover, an instant investment analysis calculator, which already comes pre-programmed with Monopoly’s house prices and mortgage rates, has been created by Winning Moves Games in an effort to speed up gameplay. Or players can use one of the many apps on Android and iOS devices which give access to a Monopoly calculator.

Monopoly Immersion is Coming in 2020

In the last few years we have seen board games The Chase and The Crystal Maze successfully make the crossover from the entertainment sector to gaming.

The on-stage version of Monopoly aims to retain the core aspects of the game while also integrating a hands-on, technological approach. If the public subscribes to this new version, we should be seeing bolder board game crossovers in the near future.