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Louis Wain and the Summer Cat Show

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

CHRIS Beetles Gallery is once again hosting the world’s largest display of cat imagery in an exhibition entitled Louis Wain and the Summer Cat Show – from August 16 to September 6, 2008.

Central to the exhibition are over 80 fine paintings and drawings by Louis Wain (1860-1939), the legendary Edwardian artist who invented a wacky world of cats engaged in human activities such as golf, ice skating, fishing and dancing. This world generated a huge industry of postcards, books, posters and 16 Louis Wain Annuals during the early 20th century.

Chris Beetles is the principal dealer of this ingenious artist who, in the words of H G Wells, ‘invented a cat style, a cat society, a whole cat world’.

Also on display will be the “playfully subversive images” of Susan Herbert who, with a completely unique approach to cat art, wittily recreates the world’s great films, paintings and plays, replacing the human form with the feline. These funny, lovingly executed pictures have been published in several different books and have won her legions of dedicated fans.

Work by celebrated cats artists Lesley Fotherby, Leslie Anne Ivory and Geraldine Girvan will also be included in the exhibition.

Chris Beetles Gallery, 8 and 10 Ryder Street, London, SW1Y 6QB.

For more information call 0207 839 7551 or visit the website.