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Mammoths: Ice Age Giants - Natural History Museum

Exhibition preview

MAMMOTHS: Ice Age Giants is the Natural History Museum’s summer exhibition for 2014. Suitable for all the family, it will be on display from May 23 to September 7.

Visitors will start their exhibition journey in an ancient time when mammoths roamed the land. They will find out about the latest research into extinction and the conservation of their precious cousin, the elephant.

As well as some of the best-known species, including the infamous woolly mammoth, the spiral-tusked Columbian mammoth and their island-dwelling relative, the dwarf mammoth, visitors will also discover prehistoric giants such as the mastodon, the fearsome sabre-tooth cat and the giant short-faced bear.

They will be able to explore their environment and find out not only how they behaved but also how they evolved.

Visitors will also be able to imagine life as a mammoth: test their skill at tusk jousting, trunk swinging and feel the weight of food these beasts consumed every day – equivalent to 230 bags of sugar.

Huge life-size models, fossils, skeletons and the most complete woolly mammoth ever found will also be on display.

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