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Masao Yamamoto to exhibit at HackelBury

Preview by Jack Foley

AN EXHIBITION of over 500 photographs by Japanese artist Masao Yamamoto will be exhibited at HackelBury Fine Art from May 18 to July 28, 2006.

The exhibition will take the form of site-specific hand-made installations created by the artist at the gallery.

Each installation will contain from five to 55 photographs, arranged with a delicate balance of subject, shape and form. Each photograph is hand-printed, aged and sometimes torn, to create a unique object. This will be Masao’s first exhibition in the UK.

Yamamoto’s photographs include the most simple and understated studies of landscapes, details from nature, architecture, and the female form.

His process of printing and arranging each image adds significance to their meaning; a treasured memory Yamamoto has chosen to share.

Yamamoto’s images provoke a reaction in his viewer to reflect both on and beyond the minimal world portrayed. Many have tried to assign written meanings to his work but Yamamoto, a student of Zen philosophy, maintains that “it would mean little if my works could be perfectly explained in words”.

On the surface, the photographs appear to illustrate the very basics of everyday existence. It is Yamamoto’s particular eye for detail and the moment that creates the magic in his work. The very act of creating installations again reflects the heart of Yamamoto’s work – how all things relate to one another.

Born in Japan in 1957, Masao Yamamoto originally trained as a painter. A photographer since 1975, Yamamoto has exhibited in Europe, Japan and America since 1979.

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