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Mat Collishaw at Other Criteria

Mat Collishaw

Exhibition preview

ON APRIL 5, 2012, Other Criteria (New Bond Street) will launch three new projects, including a series of new work by leading British artist Mat Collishaw as well as work by Wolfe von Lenkiewicz and Francesca Lowe.

They continue until May 1,7 2012.

Mat Collishaw will unveil his resin-sculpted flower riddled with syphilitic diseases. This sinister creation, displayed in a glass and wood bell jar, pays tribute to Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du Mal (1857), a book of poetry focused on the themes of decadence and eroticism.

From afar, the sculpture appears innocent housed in its antique-style vitrine like a miniature greenhouse. On closer inspection however, the viewer, captivated by the initial seduction of the work, will see a flower which appears genetically altered with its delicate and glistening petals infected with human scars and sores.

Resembling something from a cabinet of curiosities, the contents of which are both viscerally provocative and transcendent, The Venal Muse, Envirico veers to the dark side of humanity.

Incorporating Gothic beauty and horror, Collishaw’s sickly flora act as reflections of the depraved state of self and society, a condition he feels is exacerbated by our modern, media-saturated culture.

Also available from Other Criteria will be exclusively designed wallpaper, adorned with an array of colourful pressed insects which appear to have been squashed onto the surface. The jewel like creatures glisten against the dark background and it remains ambiguous whether they reached their flattened state in an act of violence or preservation.

In this new work at Other Criteria, Mat Collishaw incites our polar attractions to beauty and corruption through his depictions of a debased nature.

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