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Memory and Light - Morley Gallery

Exhibition preview

MEMORY and Light, an exhibition of drawing and painting by a group of London artists, will be on display at the Morley Gallery from Friday, November 20 to Thursday, November 26, 2009.

In their first group showing, artists Jim Foreman, Mike Howard, Paul Kafno, Brenda Sakoui and DD Sheri will be joined by Oxfordshire jewellery designer and artist Lucy Sylvester.

The Artists

Jim Foreman was previously a university teacher, social worker and social researcher but now makes art his main activity. He likes to become intensely involved with whatever is in front of him – sometimes face, fruit, vegetables or old shoes – as well as taking pleasure in handling paint of charcoal.

Mike Howard formerly focused on documentary photography and was part of the London Documentary Photographers Group exhibiting at the Whitechapel Gallery, the Museum of London and the Barbican.

He returned to painting three years ago and now works primarily in oils, usually working on the spot on a fairly small scale using either a box easel or a pochade to capture atmospheres and events unfolding. He is influenced by the Impressionists, paints landscapes and documents situations such as beach and street scenes.

Paul Kafno is a painter, television producer and director. His work has ranged from opera and ballet to classic plays by Shakespeare, Ben Jonson, Goldoni and Jarry, to Tom Stoppard and Edward Bond. His music productions include the Les Miserables 10th Anniversary Concert and the Stravaganza dei Medici for which he won the Prix Italia and Golden Gate awards.

He first studied drawing at the Ruskin School while an undergraduate at Oxford and continues to work in a variety of media.

Brenda Sakoui is a painter working in Fulham and a member of the Fulham Society of Artists. She has exhibited widely in London and Toulouse. Her work is held in private collections throughout England and France. Life painting and drawing directly from the model is her primary interest. She now spends much of her time in the South West of France, where she works in landscape. Some of her summer 2009 work is included in this exhibition.

DD Sheri’s art practice has three threads: architecture, portraiture and social realism. She has been influenced by Japanese and Italian Renaissance artists, notably Tsukioka Settei and Andrea Mantegna. She often draws musicians at jazz clubs and festivals, having found a new way to draw which informs her traditional training in painting.

Lucy Sylvester is a jeweller whose work has been sold internationally. Her innovative pieces are inspired by insects and seedheads. From her Oxfordshire studio she creates gold and silver jewellery and spoons, her inspiration taken from beetles, twigs, snails and flies.

Speaking about her work, she said: “With climate change affecting our wildlife, my work could become a record for the future of the insect and plant life we have today”.

Admission: Free.

Times: Monday to Friday – 11am to 6pm, late night Thursday – 11am to 7pm, Saturday – noon to 4pm, Sundays closed.

Morley Gallery, 61 Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE1 7HT

Tel: 020-7450 1826