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Miaz Brothers - Antimatter Series: A Boundless Vision - Lazarides Rathbone

Miaz Brothers - Antimatter Series: A Boundless Vision

Exhibition preview

LAZARIDES Rathbone is presenting a new exhibition of contemporary portraiture by the Miaz Brothers. Entitled Antimatter Series: A Boundless Vision, it will be on display from June 5 to July 2, 2015.

We are interested in the ‘perception’ and not the ‘representation’ – a direct relationship with the senses and the capacity of the self when faced with the elaborate influx of information that nowadays is becoming more and more important. – Miaz Brothers, 2014.

Antimatter Series: A Boundless Vision is comprised of an all-female body of work, marking a brief departure from the Italian duo’s previously male dominated canvases.

The visceral series leads the viewer on a journey through multiple variations of perceiving the same subject, stretching processes of identification to achieve something not fixed and limited but boundless and personal.

The Miaz Brothers continue their multifaceted airbrushing technique by erasing all unnecessary detail to gain a flawless movement of infinite particles of colour, constructing complex compositions that are not instantly recognisable but become clearer from a distance. The large-scale works develop the artists’ ongoing interest in seventeenth-century renaissance painting, previously displayed in 2014’s Dematerialized: A New Contemporary Vision.

Their lack of detail calls for attention as viewers find themselves scanning each delicately subdued face to place together the larger picture. The Miaz Brothers force the viewer to filter their awareness of what they automatically see and what they naturally perceive, making a nod towards the philosophical implications of beauty and the role of portraiture in modern society.

The skilful series attempts to regain a consciousness of the subtle and spiritual qualities that constitute each portrait, paraphrasing an ideology in which still-frames and fragments of memory become clouded and in turn re-establish the subject’s truest form.

Alongside the gallery exhibition, the Miaz Brothers will be giving an artist-led tour of the new works during SohoCreate Festival. Celebrating the most creative square mile in the world, SohoCreate runs from the June 3 to June 7 with the Miaz Brother’s Open House taking place at 2pm on Thursday, June 4.

Lazarides Rathbone, 11 Rathbone Place, London, W1T 1HR