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[N]Everland - The Nunnery Gallery

Exhibition preview

AN EXHIBITION entitled NEverland will be on display at The Nunnery Gallery from December 4 to December 18, 2009.

Is physical reality becoming redundant? Both contemporary art and science are challenging the concept of reality and opening up areas of investigation from micro to macrocosm.

From the imaginary reality of Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster to the scientific experiments in Geneva of the Large Hadron Collider, Einstein’s notion of the distinction between past and present and future being merely a persistent illusion seems increasingly pertinent.

Throughout history humans have always held beliefs in mystical worlds, alternative zones and eternal lands where an alternative reality co-exists with our own. Whether through religious beliefs, myths, legends or fairy tales, projection and idealisation offer an escape from mundane or harsh reality, as well as hope for a preferable future.

Today, with increasing numbers of people seeking entertainment, or vicarious living in virtual worlds; and architects and designers using the ‘space’ of the computer programme in which to design and dream, these fantasy lands seem even more tangible and desirable.

Using strategies which vary from intervention in and the undermining of everyday imagery, to the use of cultural icons and nostalgia for an imaginary past; the artists in (N)Everland engage with the contemporary relationship between real and imagined worlds and the confluence of past, present and future.

Participating artists are Othman Abdullah, Tom Helyar-Cardwell, Leah Clough, Rodney Dee, Julia Iwasz, Kelly Jackson, Helen Jacobs, James John Lindley, Ilka Leukefeld, Ruth Martindale, Jera May, Duane Moyle, Govinda Prasad Sah and Jamie Taylor.

Artists In Conversation – Saturday, December 12 at 2pm.

Informal conversation hosted by the British Art Critic and Artist Peter Suchin and the artists of (N)Everland.

Times: Wednesday to Sunday from 12 to 5pm.

The Nunnery Gallery, 183 Bow Road, London, E3 2SJ.

Telephone: 020 7538 1719.