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New Sculptures by Marcus Harvey - Other Criteria

Exhibition preview

OTHER Criteria is presenting a new series of sculptural works by Marcus Harvey at their New Bond Street gallery – from October 25 to December 3, 2012.

Harvey’s sculptures are assembled of cast archaeological objects, masks and portraits of characters inspired by an array of British history-mythology.

The works on display, including Hatshepsut (2012, pictured), playfully question our knowledge and perception of history and are flavoured by satirists from George Cruikshank to contemporary political cartoonists.

The exhibition will include works of glazed stoneware and a unique direct wax cast bronze sculpture.

The direct wax cast process involves modelling wax in the way Harvey typically squeezes and presses clay for his ceramic sculpture. The wax is then directly cast in bronze, bypassing the mould-making procedure, with the hope of preserving the spontaneity of the clay work.

In this series, Harvey forges motifs and emblems of Britishness into collaged portraits of historical British figures or foes from history, from Nelson to Margaret Thatcher and from Napoleon to Tony Blair.

He works the imagery, handling the clay in a battle to find its form, before subjecting the sculpture to multiple firings and glazes. The result is tough but humorous sculpture, unapologetic and brash, political yet ambiguous, considered and painterly.

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