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North-West Passage: An Arctic Obsession

Exhibition preview

AN EXHIBITION entitled North-West Passage: An Arctic Obsession is on display at the National Maritime Museum until January 4, 2010.

The search for the North-West Passage, the sea route in the Arctic Ocean which connects the North Atlantic with the North Pacific Ocean, has been sought by many of Britain’s most famous explorers, including Captain Cook, Sir John Franklin, Sir John Ross and Sir William Parry.

Countless men lost their lives searching for a trade route through this hostile terrain, enduring arctic blizzards, scurvy and starvation.

The exhibition not only draws on some of the extraordinary stories, feats of endurance and tragedies that surround some of these 19th-century British Arctic expeditions, it also explores the lives of the Inuit who have made their homes in these harsh conditions for thousands of years.

The exhibition brings together the National Maritime Museum’s extensive polar collection to reveal the historical importance of the North-West passage to 19th-century explorers and, with climate change now taking hold, why the Arctic is making headlines once more.

Admission: Free.

Times: Daily from 10am to 5pm.

National Maritime Museum, 8 Park Row, Greenwich, SE10 9NF