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NT Free Exhibitions - January to March 2010

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

AS WELL as the permanent exhibition Stage by Stage, the National Theatre hosts a changing programme of exhibitions throughout the year.

Stranded – January 13 to February 14.

Lalla Ward paints with threads, draws with stitches, makes pictures with fabric, cares about biology, loves island flora and fauna, and is captivated by the evolution of animals stranded in isolation.

Having once been an actor, she returns to the theatre but on a different stage: one of visual image, strands of silk and cotton, colour and texture, an archipelago of stitched pictures. From a world of illustration and ceramics, she moves into a material world and brings her love of animals and their habits and habitats to this exhibition of thread paintings.

Alison Chitty: Design Process 1970 – 2010 – February 1 to March 28.

Every designer works in a different way, and this exhibition shows us the process of award-winning theatre designer Alison Chitty. Director of the renowned Motley Theatre Design Course, she has designed for the theatre for 40 years in many performance spaces, from small studios to international opera houses and also for film.

Using landmark productions to show how Chitty works, including The Voysey Inheritance, Khovanshchina, and The Minotaur, the exhibition follows her process, from the first sketch book to final designs. This is a unique opportunity to see work that is normally seen only in the studio, rehearsal room or workshops.

Sergei Paradjanov through the lens of Yuri Mechitov – February 22 to March 28.

To Yuri Mechitov, Paradjanov was not only one of the world’s greatest filmmakers but also a close friend, an inspiring teacher and, quite simply, an extraordinary man. This exhibition is composed of rarely seen photographs taken by Mechitov during their 11-year friendship, as well as some of the most famous pictures staged by Paradjanov himself.

The moments captured by Mechitov’s camera reveal a kaleidoscope of amusing situations, contrasting moods, remarkable filmmaking occasions and expressive backdrops. Yuri Mechitov has exhibited all over the world and has recently published Sergei Paradjanov: Chronicle of the Dialogue. This is the first showing of his work in the UK.