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NT Free Exhibitions - March to July 2011

Postcards from the Future

Exhibition preview

AS WELL as the permanent exhibition Stage by Stage, the National Theatre hosts a changing programme of free exhibitions throughout the year.

Postcards from the Future – March 14 to May 8.

Straight from its successful showing at the Museum of London, this exhibition of arresting images depicts how London may look if we do not take action against the threat of climate change.

Created by artists Robert Graves and Didier Madoc-Jones, the project is based upon a series of 16 views of London which are transformed from the familiar to the startling, using the visual language of climate change to create provocative images. Each pristine image is defined by an astonishing degree of clarity and definition.

Postcards from the Future sets out to create illusory spaces in which people can explore the issues of a changed world and not reject them as ‘stuff that happens to other people’.

Rockin’ (The Rockabilly Scene) – April 11 to May 15.

For enthusiasts, rockabilly isn’t just a kind of music, it’s a way of life. A raw fusion of rhythm and blues with country and western, rockabilly heralded the start of the teenage rebellion in America in the early 1950s.

The stripped down sound witnessed a revival in the 1970s and has continued until today, with rockabillies embracing not only the music but the clothes, cars and lifestyle of 1950s youth counterculture.

Rockin’ is photographer Andrew Shaylor’s unique portrayal and subsequent book of the contemporary rockabilly scene, in which he captures the raw energy of the music and the commitment of the rockabilly community to authenticity.

Collier Campbell – May 23 to July 3.

Sisters Susan Collier and Sarah Campbell are award-winning textile designers whose work is known all over the world, having produced some of the most iconic prints of the second half of the 20th Century.

They have collaborated with many design houses such as Jaeger, Yves St Laurent, Cacherel, Habitat and Liberty of London Prints. Their designs continue to be featured with many high street retailers.

In 2011, Collier Campbell will be 50 years old and will be relaunching their own brand of fashion and home products. To celebrate this milestone, this exhibition showcases a selection of their work including the processes through which the designs were created. Some of this work will be available for purchase.

Angelheaded Hipsters is on display until March 20.