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NT Free Exhibitions - March to June 2012

Exhibition preview

AS WELL as the permanent exhibition Stage by Stage, the National Theatre hosts a changing programme of free exhibitions throughout the year.

London Printmakers – March 12 to April 21.

Comprising twelve of the country’s leading professional printmakers, the London Printmakers frequently exhibit together to promote their work and their passion for the craft of printmaking.

They are the recipients of many national and international awards and their work is featured in numerous collections including the Ashmolean and the V&A.

Festival! – April 16 to June 4.

From the riotous colour and noise of Rio to the more cerebral rhythms of Hay, festivals offer an escape route from the everyday to the urgent and boisterous celebration of harvests, music, books, tomatoes, and bog snorkelling.

As we approach a summer of unprecedented festivity, images from the Corbis archive take us into the pop-up worlds of the vibrant, the sacred and the very, very odd.

In association with Corbis, the National Theatre’s Photographic Images Partner.

New Work by Hilary Rosen – April 30 to June 9.

Vibrant oil paintings depict the city at night illuminated by cars and the light spill from bars and clubs. The flora and fauna around Melbourne are captured in softer watercolour. Figures, alone and together, interrelate in starker monotone prints and drawings.