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Paul Chowdhry Not PC Live at the O2

Paul Chowdhry

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

THE AWARD-winning and critically acclaimed comic, Paul Chowdhry, is performing at the O2 for one night only – on Friday, July 23, 2010.

Chowdhry is one of the most talented and popular UK comedians to have recently emerged. He has performed around the world – from Canada to Hong Kong, Dubai to Amsterdam, Germany to South Africa.

He has also appeared at Leicester Square Theatre and other major venues across the country with his solo show The Ironic Iconic and alongside John Malkovich in the film Colour Me Kubrick.

Inspired by the likes of Richard Prior, George Carlin and Sam Kinison, Chowdhry is one of the few comedians to effortlessly straddle the urban and main stand-up circuits as an international headline act.

He says: “I see myself as a comedian who happens to be Indian, not an Indian comedian. It’s hard to lecture people but easier to break down barriers by making people laugh. It doesn’t always work; I’ve spoken to the BNP and they missed the irony and thought I was one of them.”

Such incidents have only encouraged him to break down racial barriers in the name of comedy. He even jokes about a racist attack early in his life when he was left for dead.

Tickets: £16.75 all seats.

Time: 8pm (doors open at 7pm).

INDIGO2, Millennium Way, Greenwich, London, SE10 OBB