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Planar (of, or relating to a plane) - ICA

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

AS PART of London Fashion Week, ICA Live and Media Arts are presenting a new exhibition, Planar (of, or relating to a plane), which runs from February 13 to February 18, 2008, in the ICA’s digital studio.

Fashion designer Simon Thorogood and artist/designer Chris Ratcliffe, of the studio collective Garudio Studiage, have developed an ‘irregular’ fashion story to show how design for clothes might be found or exploited by unusual but appropriate means.

Planar stems from Thorogood’s previous drawings of aircraft fuselage and wing panelling. Isolated from the source aircraft, these drawings suggest forms, shapes and details that can be applied to the design of garments. They become subject to a series of transformations and processes that explore and expand the notion of ‘plane’, both in terms of aircraft and of the geometric relationships of surfaces and structures.

The resulting compositions will be realised both physically and digitally in the digital studio. There will be projected and screen-based ‘endless’ drawings which will evolve over the figure of a woman, and which visitors will be able to manipulate. Other 2D and 3D visual arrangements will blend into the inclined floors and walls of the studio.

A ‘plane’ font composed of aircraft panels will be engineered and die-cut shapes will be available for construction and positioning by visitors, allowing them to contribute to the exhibition’s overall concept and display.

Planar‘s aim is to show how ‘atypical’ design approaches might complement the more conventional or traditional methods of conceiving and creating fashion.

Admission: Free with cost of day pass.