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Previously unexhibited works by Henry Moore and Helaine Blumenfeld at Bowman Sculpture

Exhibition preview

THIS year, 2015, marks the 30th anniversary of Henry Moore and Helaine Blumenfeld’s seminal joint exhibition, A British Dialogue: From Perry Green to Cambridge, at the Alex Rosenburg Gallery, New York.

To celebrate, Bowman Sculpture in London is presenting a major new exhibition reuniting their work, Helaine Blumenfeld/Henry Moore: A Dialogue 1985-2015.

The show will include previously unexhibited works by both artists from private collections, together with sculptures from the original 1985 exhibition and exciting new works by Helaine Blumenfeld. The exhibition, which coincides with a new work by Blumenfeld being installed in London’s Berkeley Square, runs from May 22 to June 30, 2015.

Both Blumenfeld and Moore are radical pioneers in carving who have each evolved their own distinctive vocabularies of form. This exhibition takes a fresh look at the legacy of Moore as one of the greatest British artists as well as his influence on Blumenfeld, one of Britain’s leading contemporary sculptors working in marble and bronze, who is often hailed as ‘the heir to Moore’ and her works as ‘the Moores of the future’.

Helaine Blumenfeld OBE (b.1942, New York) is based between studios in Cambridge, UK and Pietrasanta, Italy.

Art critic and lecturer, Alan Caine, says: “Moore and Blumenfeld are two sculptors who share an interest in elemental images usually based on the human body. They also share a level of abstraction which does not dwell on narratives, personalities and direct portraits but searches for a spiritual dimension which is monumental – and in many ways transcendent.

“With those elements in common, they seem to inhabit two ends of a spectrum which make their work very different: Moore is earth and solid; Blumenfeld is air and light. Moore is ‘masculine’, forceful, solid; Blumenfeld is ‘feminine’, sensuous.’”

Robert Bowman of Bowman Sculpture says: “The technical skill in being able to carve stone and model in clay is most rare. Not even Rodin could do both. Blumenfeld and Moore are masters of their materials and their monumental works are synonymous with the London landscape, winning them both a place in the nation’s heart.”

Times: Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm. Saturday by appointment only. Closed Sundays and public bank-holidays.

Bowman Sculpture, 6 Duke Street St James’s, London, SW1Y 6BN