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Debbie Harry at Proud Chelsea

Debbie Harry in New York Apartment with Warhol Portrait, 1988 © Brian Aris. Print Size: 30x30". Limited Edition: 25.

Exhibition previews

PROUD Galleries have three exhibitions on display in January and February 2013.

Debbie Harry: Queen of Punks by Brian Aris at Proud Chelsea from January 17 to February 3.

Almost 40 years since the iconic band came together in 1974, and 35 years since Aris’ first shoot with Harry, Proud Chelsea reveals the 70s bombshell as she has never been seen before.

With her two-toned bleached-blonde hair, plucky punk outfits and intoxicating stage presence, Harry is the ultimate 70s icon. The front woman of infamous New-Wave Punk band Blondie, her distinct and sultry vocals headed a unique mix of disco, pop, rap and reggae.

Aris has said of Harry: “She’s unique: certainly one of the most creative people that I’ve worked with, which probably comes from the Andy Warhol influence and her New York background … She’s endlessly drawing inspiration from those around her and twisting their looks to work for her.”

The Terry O’Neill TAG Awards at The Strand Gallery from January 18 to January 31.

The Terry O’Neill TAG Award has been running since 2007, having developed over the past few years to become one of the most “hotly” contested photographic Awards of current times. The judges are looking for the strongest series of work and for the strongest narrative.

Terry O’Neill recalls: “One of the great joys of my career has been the Terry O’Neill TAG Award. In just a few years it has encouraged thousands of young photographers. It is exhilarating to sift through thousands of entries and see the world through their eyes – and to be surprised, because there are images out there that add new dimensions to the narrative of life and refresh our jaded palates.”

Hot Valve Leak: Visual Ramblings of Vic Reeves at The Strand Gallery from February 13 to February 23.

The Strand Gallery welcomes visitors into the luring and manic vortex that is the mind of Vic Reeves. On display will be the comedian philosopher extraordinaire’s most striking paintings and collages from both his book Vic Reeves’ Vast Book Of World Knowledge and other assorted doodles.

Through an exclusive collection of paintings, drawings, collages and ceramics Hot Valve Leak demonstrates the subtlety in Reeves’ humour; attacking both society and nature with a foam sledgehammer. In these collected works, Reeves peels away another layer to his wit, allowing viewers the chance to explore a loud, nonsensical and hilariously misguided set of characters and social encounters.