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RA Lates: Cosmic Ocean

ON SATURDAY, October 20, 2018, the Royal Academy of Arts will host an immersive night celebrating the unique natural landscape of the Pacific Islands and contemporary Oceanic culture.

RA Lates: Cosmic Ocean is inspired by the Royal Academy’s Oceania exhibition, the first ever major survey of Oceanic art to be held in the United Kingdom.

Cosmic Ocean will invite visitors to experience a series of traditional and contemporary dance performances, live music, workshops and installations presented throughout the RA’s historic campus.

Street food stalls and themed cocktail bars will include Espresso Cocktails with Beanbag Coffee, Pacific Island inspired cocktails with Cocktail Car Company and Vegan burgers with Biff’s Jack Shack.

Dress Code: Seas vs Skies. Think cosmic constellations, stars and moons, or alternatively opt for a deep-sea creature and get inspired by coral, seaweed and jellyfish.

Tickets: £35 – 75. Includes entry to Oceania and access to the curated programme.

Programme highlights

Night Sky to Deep Sea

Visitors will step into an underwater wilderness for Oceanic installations, cocktail bars and coral reefs before entering a cosmic realm with Pacific night star gazing.

Coral Kingdom sketching/Wild Life Drawing

Drop in workshop where visitors can create artworks inspired by Oceanic artefacts from coral, shells, starfish and more.

Star gazing and deep-sea diving/Immersive Theatres Planetariums

Step inside pop-up planetarium domes for a journey through cosmic constellations as viewed from the Pacific, then dive into the coral reef and deep-sea underworld.

What Cook Saw/Dr Andrew Brown, Bournemouth University Archaeologist

Dr Andrew Brown introduces the rich tapestry of pre-contact Polynesian cultures before the arrival of Europeans.

LUAU! A Secret History/Dr Kaori O’Connor, UCL

Anthropologist Kaori O’Connor tells the secret history of the Hawaiian luau, a traditional feast festival accompanied by music and dance.

Dance DJ set/Emma G

Auckland raised DJ Emma G is renowned for her signature sound of upbeat and soulful electronica.

Pacific Dance Night

Performing arts groups from across the Pacific share their traditional dances, while explaining their significance and histories at this unique takeover.

Tahiti and Hawaii/London Hula

Polynesian dance group perform the traditional Ori Tahiti and Hawaiian Hula Auana to provide a deeper understanding of Polynesian dance and its cultural history at a series of workshops and performances.

Kiribati/Kiribati Tungaru Association Dancers

Dancers perform traditional Kiribati dances with choral and percussion accompaniment.

Oceania Now

Experience thought-provoking contemporary performance art by Pacific Island artists addressing themes including ancestry, ritual, journeying and navigation.

VIP offer: £75

VIP offer includes:

• A complimentary glass of champagne in your own secret VIP bar.

• Private curators tour of Oceania.

• Exclusive access to a VIP art studio for Cosmic Ocean inspired glitter makeovers and a tropical floral wreath making workshop run by florist Lara Sanjar.

• A goody bag of gifts from the RA.

To book, call 20 7300 8090 or visit