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Raarr - The Book Club

Exhibition preview

RAARR (pronounced RAAARRGHHH!), an exhibition consisting of collaborative zoological drawings, will be on display at The Book Club from January 20 to February 26, 2012.

Twenty two illustrators were specially commissioned to draw a reptile, bird, mammal, amphibian, fish or insect of their choosing… sans-head or face.

Upon completion these headless wonders were passed on to the real talent: twenty two eager school children who received the baton from the illustrators and completed the drawings; adding features, colour, limbs, even names, whilst not forgetting the all important heads.

Most of the younger collaborators are friends and relatives of their “bigger-kid” counterparts. However some of the participating illustrators are from distant corners of the world, so the help of local primary schools was enlisted to contribute to the project.

As half of the work is by children it was thought only fair that all of the profits made from the show will be donated to the NSPCC, a UK children’s charity based a stones throw from The Book Club.

Contributing illustrators and their chosen creatures are:

Mike Bertino: Baboon, Jon Boam: Bat, James Clapham: Ostrich, Kristina Collantes: Ring Tailed Lemur, Jay Cover (Nous Vous): Crocodile, Kristian Hammerstad: Pig, Jason Kerley: Shark, James Ari King: Bear, Micah Lidberg: Horse, Antonio Ladrillo: Worm…

…Miss Lotion: Wild Boar, Robert Maple: Mouse, Andy Miller: Fox, Marcus Oakley: Orangutan, Mike Perry: Caterpillar, Kyle Platts: Lizard, Kate Prior: Cat, Daniel Sparkes: Wolf, Katja Spitzer: Okapi, Ian Stevenson: Rabbit, Magic Sweater: Walrus and Zeloot: Bird.

NB: All works are for sale.