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Royal Windsor Wheel - Make a day out in Windsor

Feature by Marcela Olivares

I AM thrilled to tell you about my first trip to Windsor – it was extremely pleasant and relaxing!

I ended up riding the Royal Windsor Wheel (the Royal borough’s equivalent of the London Eye)! What a lovely view when you’re approaching the town on the train – the wheel towers peering over the trees in this historic town…

There can be no better way to experience this town for the first time – or any time for that matter – than from a Ferris Wheel 180 feet above the ground! From on high, the view is breathtaking, offering Windsor Castle on one side and an amazing countryside view on the other.

It doesn’t look all that impressive from below but once inside one of the 40 pods the focus is firmly on the view!

While up there, you will notice that the order of the pods changes so that the pod that was on your right at the bottom will eventually be on your left. While confusing at first, we did figure it out – but only after a bit of thought!

The entire ride lasts approximately 10 minutes and consists of a ‘quick’ turn, then the gondolas stay atop for a while and then another ‘quick’ turn before it’s time to move on…

At night, the lighting of the wheel looks spectacular from various points in town – the train station included!

I would strongly recommend arriving in town for a nice leisurely meal followed by amazing views and, lastly, a nice stroll into town before heading back to London.

We had a fantastic time doing just that…

I would strongly recommend this adventure and would love to go back and watch a sunset!

Royal Windsor Wheel at Alexandra Gardens
Tickets available from July 8 through September 3.