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Stephanie Mackenzie: Alter Ego

Alter Ego

Exhibition preview

JACK Inc. is presenting the premier solo exhibition of Stephanie Mackenzie’s sensational POP Art Collections.

Mackenzie’s first UK solo show, Alter Ego, on display at The Framers Gallery @ Artefact from October 22 to November 3, 2012, will showcase, for the first time, the full series of Eve Meets Alice as well as her POP Art and Pocket Girl Collections.

Mackenzie’s fresh and exciting expression of surrealist photographic art tells stories of lust, innocence, and deep emotion.

Eve Meets Alice has been acclaimed as “A vibrant collection of images that juxtapose the stories of the two iconic young female figures to tell a profound, stark and deeply thought-provoking tale.” James Smith – Independent Art Journalist.

Attracting international attention, Mackenzie’s extraordinary journey has captured the minds and eyes of both UK and US critics.

An award-winning artist, Mackenzie is a vibrant up-and-coming new talent of the 21st Century. Her incredible journey of hardship and triumph can be seen in the emotion of her works.

Mackenzie utilizes a complex process of models, costumes, lighting, set, storyboards, and digital technology before her pieces are produced using various media. She looks to create multiple dimensions and bring depth to a story that can immerse the senses. Mixing every color using only red, green and blue, Mackenzie authentically builds her multi-textured original pieces with hand embellishment.

The Framers Gallery @ Artefact, 36 Wundmill Street, London, W1T 2JT