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Teen Spirit - Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen

Image by Dave Swindells

Exhibition preview

A PHOTOGRAPHY exhibition capturing seminal live gig experiences, Teen Spirit, will be on display at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen from August 28 to November 30, 2016.

Co-curated by YOUTH CLUB and Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, the exhibition features photographers including David Swindells and Dean Chalkley and is a nod to the personal stories and profound moments that helped us find our first ‘tribe’, going on to shape our adult identities and creative vision.

From seeing your favourite band for the first time, to bravely embracing the chaos of the mosh pit, this collection of photographs from the 90’s and 00’s recognises the sense of belonging and friendships that are forged in this vital rite of passage.

Amidst a sea of online music discovery, Teen Spirit highlights the importance of nurturing gig culture and the essential roles of venues and festivals across the country in this process. A world where your brand new footwear comes home covered in gig scum and you enter your scene for the first time. And the feeling that nothing will ever be the same again…

The exhibition opens as part of A Summer Affair, Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen’s Bank Holiday celebration of independent music and culture.

There will be a panel talk with the photographers on Wednesday, September 7 (free with sign up via the Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen website).

Image: David Swindells.

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