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The Great Outdoors - Nest Gallery

Exhibition preview

AN EXHIBITION entitled The Great Outdoors will be on display at the Nest Gallery in the Department of Coffee and Social Affairs from November 8, 2012 to January 24, 2013.

Earlier this year, female art co-operative Nest Gallery invited seven of their artists to respond to a refreshingly open brief: create a piece of artwork that responds to the theme The Great Outdoors.

The theme could be applied to either the urban or the rural environment, to things physical or cerebral. The result is an eclectic exhibition that reveals the diversity of contemporary applied arts in London today.

Nest Gallery’s autumn show features the work of BAM textile designer Amber James, whose hand screen-printed back pack suggests urbanity has had less of an effect on our inclination towards nomadic roving as we might otherwise think.

Craft-cum-applied artist Alison Mure has taken the exhibition as an opportunity to explore slip-casting for the first time. Fascinated by London’s recent influx of outdoor ping pong tables, Mure presents a quirky homage to “healthy, small bat-based competition”.

For founding members Reena Makwana and Anna Lincoln, co-operation is at the core of their curating, so Nest Gallery are inviting visitors to contribute their own doodling, drawing and colouring-in to the show via themed postcards in-store at Department of Coffee and Social Affairs.

On Saturday, November 24, 2012, Nest Gallery will also set up a Christmas market in the coffeeshop, peddling a range of wares including cards, notebooks, prints and ceramics from 12pm to 4pm.

Exhibiting artists include Alison Mure, Rosie Walder, Chloe Bonfield, Rhea Evers, BAM by Amber James, Reena Makwana and Anna Lincoln.

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Department of Coffee and Social Affairs, 14-16 Leather Lane, London, EC1N 7SU