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The LEGO Batman Movie® installation - Southbank

Event preview

THE LEGO Batman Movie® installation is due to land on the south bank of the Thames on Wednesday, February 8, 2017, to mark the release of The LEGO® Batman Movie on February 10.

The ground-breaking installation will be the biggest ever LEGO® Batarang and will consist of 35,000 LEGO® pieces and stand three metres tall, creating the illusion Batman’s famous utility has crash-landed onto Observation Point.

It will be unveiled by Duncan Titmarch (The official LEGO Master Builder) at 8.30am and he will be joined by costume characters of Batman, Robin and Batgirl from the movie.

A dynamic scene will be created using a huge section of broken ground, burning rubble and lighting effects, making it an incredibly dynamic piece of art by day and night.

The installation, which will be in place for two days and nights, has been crafted by Duncan Titmarsh (Britain’s only official professional LEGO builder) and his team at Bright Bricks.

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Image: Britain’s celebrated ‘Legography’ photographer Andrew Whyte teamed up with The LEGO® Batman Movie with a little help from its star Will Arnett to create a spectacular and humorous set of perspective shots of a LEGO® Batman Minifigure’s day out in London. This is one of them.