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The London Bridge Experience and London Tombs


For a scary day out this summer, why not take in The London Bridge Experience and London Tombs.

See, hear, feel, taste even smell what London Bridge was like over the ages. In this fun adventure through time, experience London of old with Romans, Vikings and the odd pick-pocket or two!

See the fire of London for yourself and find out how London Bridge was used to punish criminals. In this interactive adventure, you might even find yourself donning a sword and shield to repel borders!

Be prepared for a thrilling experience using the latest in Hollywood style wizardry and the marvellous real life characters guiding you through the ages on the bridge. You will be entertained and amazed at what you see.

There are also recreations of the past wooden, stone and medieval bridges, all of which include live characters in full regalia of the time. Just be prepared for a few surprises along the way!

When the London Bridge Experience is over you have a choice – continue your journey to the Tombs or, if you’re really not up to it, go on to the museum and café instead.

NB: The London Bridge Experience is not recommended for young children, women in late stages of pregnancy, or people with heart problems or of a nervous disposition (or who have epilepsy or claustrophobia).

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