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The Majesty of Ireland - 3 Bedfordbury Gallery

Photograph by James Sparshatt

Exhibition preview

CAPITAL Culture, London, and BlueLeaf gallery, Dublin, are presenting The Majesty of Ireland, an exhibition of new works by painter Rachael Dalzell and photographer James Sparshatt, at 3 Bedfordbury Gallery – from Wednesday, September 29 to Saturday, October 10, 2010.

The Majesty of Ireland, a collection of art inspired by the wild coastal landscape of Ireland, marks the latest body of work by the artists in an ongoing project exploring remote parts of the world.

In the past three years their ambition to capture the stark beauty of isolated landscapes has taken them from the magnificent peaks of Ladakh to remote Scottish islands and across the volcanic terrain of Iceland.

In Spring 2010, the artists were awarded a residency in Cill Rialaig artists’ retreat on the stunning Iveragh peninsular in County Kerry, Ireland. The land projects in to the vast Atlantic Ocean, offering a particular kind of wilderness, and inspiration for artistic creativity.

The Majesty of Ireland draws together the artists’ response to their surroundings capturing the transient moods of the land, sea and sky in a place where all four seasons can pass in a single day.

The effect of these two artists working simultaneously – interpreting the same scene or moment through the two different mediums of painting and photography – produces an exhibition which is as hauntingly atmospheric in mood as the works are technically brilliant in their close observation of form and light.

Cill Rialaig is a unique artists’ hub founded by Irish art dealer and publisher Noelle Campbell-Sharpe. In the 1990s, she renovated seven abandoned fisherman’s cottages in to artists’ studios. Since then, around 2000 writers, painters, sculptors, musicians and photographers have been selected for residencies from over 60,000 applications.

The cottages’ position on a narrow headland track has also acted as a barrier to development and has preserved this piece of stunning and pristine coastline for future generations.

James Sparshatt is best known for his collection of photographs from Cuba (Cuba Land of Spirit, 2006). His images have been exhibited in London, San Antonio (Texas), New York, Dublin and across Europe.

Sparshatt was winner of the 2008 International Exhibition at the Center for Fine Art Photography in Colorado, USA, was short listed for the 2009 Sony World Photographic Awards and was a finalist in the World Photography Gala awards in 2009.

Rachael Dalzell is an artist who has exhibited in London and Dublin and her work has been widely shown at art fairs across Europe. She has produced series of work from the Himalayas, Iceland, the Isle of Skye and throughout the UK. Her work is held in a number of corporate and private collections. She was a finalist in the Boundary Figurative Art Prize, 2006.

The Majesty of Ireland Gallery

3 Bedfordbury Gallery, Covent Garden, London, WC2N 4BP