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The Raunch at London Wonderground

The Raunch. Photo credit: David Levine.

Event preview

UNDERBELLY Productions, Zero Central and Yorkshire Festival are presenting the world premiere of Zero Central’s The Rauch at London Wonderground. An electric Wild West circus/cabaret, it runs from May 5 to June 12, 2016.

A modern day, sexy spectacular, melding state of the art technology with whip-cracking energy and featuring a rogues gallery of the most wanted bad-asses this side of Dodge City, the show is set to take London Wonderground by storm as their 2016 opening headliner.

The Raunch is created by digital circus company Zero Central. It stars the legendary cabaret performer Empress Stah as The Bad Sherriff with her trigger-happy aerial act featuring a laser shooting forth from where the sun don’t shine to the strains of Light in Places – a song especially composed for the act by Peaches.

Making up the magnificent seven, Stah will be joined by Alternative Miss World Fancy Chance as The Condemned; hip-hop, rapping-tapping dancing twins My Bad Sister as The Bar Room Beauties; international sword-swallowing femme-fatale Jewels Good as The Madame of the Saloon; albino ivory-tinkler Stephen Thompson as the Ghost Rider; daring circus superstar Jo Moss as The Cockfighter; and the indescribably irreverent Mr Teds as The Unwanted.

The Raunch is a next generation circus cabaret extravaganza for the all the senses. Loose narrative weaves together a series of individual and ensemble acts featuring skills drawn from the worlds of Circus, Magic, Drag, Song & Dance to create a contemporary Western fable set to the beat of a disco-hoedown, psychedelic soundtrack .

Established by Empress Stah and her husband Graham “Sugarlump” Power in 2015, Zero Central is a digital arts creative production company, creating shows and installations integrating performers and technology. Original performances are designed using projections, lasers, drones and imagination. Motion tracking sensors are employed to create real time, interactive and immersive graphics that can be projected onto any object using projection-mapping techniques.

In 2015, Zero Central produced Moonshine for Club Spiegel at the London Wonderground, commissioned by Underbelly Productions.

Tickets: £10 – £30 – available by calling 0844 545 8282 or visiting

Times: Tuesday to Saturday at 7.45pm; Sunday at 7.30pm; Saturday matinees at 5.15pm.