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The Roxanne Series by Julia Riddiough

Roxanne Series

Exhibition preview

A Brooks Art is presenting the exhibition of the Roxanne Series by London-based artist and photographer Julia Riddiough – from September 6 to September 29, 2012.

The Roxanne Series of photographs embrace the debate that surrounds pornography and voyeurism by exploring the border between art, photography and the representation of women.

This series of photographs looks at how women are portrayed and depicted and references can be made to historical-western European painting and erotic art – the painting by Jean-Léon Gérôme Phryne revealed before the Areopagus (1861) for example.

Phryne, a much-desired courtesan, was accused of obscene acts and brought before a court of men where she was displayed naked. In this painting, the judges before her show a variety of reactions – from dismay to arousal and sheer lust – and after seeing her body she was acquitted.

Julia Riddiough is an artist with an active interest in exploring and investigating the archive, often referencing the representation and portrayal of women. She uses found imagery as source material to edit and re-frame in different visual mediums, including still and the moving image.

Riddiough also engages in the debate that surrounds authorship and authenticity and the dilemmas these pose both to the author and the audience.

The artist has shown her work in London and regionally across the UK and participated in Posted, The Whitechapel Artist Book Fair, The Folkestone Triennale and The Whistable Biennale.

Times: Thursday to Saturday from 12 to 6pm or by appointment.

A Brooks Art, 194-196 Hoxton Street, London N1 5LH