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The Scare Witch Trials - London Dungeon

Event preview

THIS Halloween, The Scare Witch Trials run at the London Dungeon from Saturday, October 17 to Saturday, October 31, 2009, and are included in the entrance price.

In the depths of the London Dungeon all hell has been let loose. Feel your spine crawl with ice and fear freeze your blood as you enter the dark, terrifying depths of the London Dungeon’s Scare Witch forest.

Beware. Something wicked waits in the darkness, something evil, something not quite human, something not quite dead. Will you be able to keep your wits about you as you pick your way through the clawing, bony branches of the Dungeon’s creaking hostile woodlands where the half burned, half mad Scare Witch darts between the shadows ready to pounce on the lost, the innocent, and the unwary.

Should you make it through the hellish Halloween forest alive prepare to face the Witch-Finder General in the London Dungeon’s 17th century courtroom. Forget stripey tights and warty noses, ‘witches’ standing trial 300 years ago were often innocent people, tortured and burned for supernatural crimes with evidence based on less than hearsay.

Now, it’s your turn. Be prepared to stand trial as the cold, ruthless Witch-Finder General singles you out for your wickedness. Will he roast you at the stake in a sadistic effort to save your soul? Condemn you to tumultuous torture or string you up from the nearest gallows?

Guilty or no, once past judgement be prepared to face the Dungeon’s terrifying tunnel of tortured witches. Found guilty of their heinous supernatural crimes and condemned to burn in eternal torment, the convicted witches’ agonised screams tear through the darkness of their furnace prison.

As choking smoke clouds your vision and claw-like hands grab at you through the darkness, will you survive the horrific revenge of the witches in the Dungeon this Halloween, or be dragged screaming with them into their hellish nightmare?

Plus there’s a whole dungeon full of frightening fun. From the blood soaked operating theatres of the 1700s in the new Surgery Blood and Guts to the Victorian stomping ground of Jack the Ripper and Sweeney Todd’s hair-raising barber shop, with plenty of twisted humour, blood, gore and more in between, there’s centuries of history’s horrible bits to discover.

Situated in the dark heart of the capital, just a stone’s throw away from the River Thames, The London Dungeon’s unique blend of tongue in cheek theatrical story telling, exciting rides, special effects and chillingly atmospheric surroundings makes for unforgettable frightening fun.

Tickets: £21.95 for adults, £15.95 for children, with family tickets and birthday packages also available.

For more information, call 0207 4037221 or visit the The Dungeons Website