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The Science of Spying - Science Museum

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

FROM now until September 2, 2007, you can find out what it takes to be a modern-day spy in an interactive family exhibition, aptly entitled The Science of Spying, at London’s Science Museum.

Specially designed courses take you through the tough training programme – all the way from recruitment to qualification as a Spymaker Agent.

Spymaker Training Base
First you’ll be recruited as a trainee spy by the Spymaker organisation and collect your Agent ID card. Then you’ll go on to explore the skills and abilities required by real agents. Test your nerve, crack a safe, learn to spot a liar, build a disguise and root through rubbish for clues.

Spymaker Technology Centre
Experience the latest spy gadgets and techniques in the Spymaker Technology Centre as you begin to find out about the plans of the shadowy organisation OSTECK. Discover remote-control spy planes, night-vision goggles, hidden bugs and the ******* spy camera.

Scan your face so that we can build a unique biometric record of your identity, infiltrate hi-tech computer systems and follow the clues to uncover the secret location of OSTECK HQ. Younger visitors will enjoy exploring the musical morse keys.

Go undercover in OSTECK HQ on your mission to defuse the OSTECK threat. Experience some of the latest surveillance technology and find out what it is like to be spied on yourself as you search for a secret code. Submit to the brain-scan lie detector or the latest in body-scanning technology. Look for clues by tapping into conversations and surveillance cameras.

OSTECK Future Lab and Escape
If you get this far, you have successfully reached your target. Discover a cache of prototype gadgets and products that could shape the future of spying and surveillance. But can you succeed in your mission to thwart OSTECK’s plans?

Finally you need to escape through OSTECK’s hi-tech security systems and if you succeed you can purchase your very own souvenir Spymaker ID card as a fully qualified Spymaker agent!

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